December 22, 2009

We had the most perfect snow as I walked from work this evening.
Not blisteringly cold and stinging, but soft and slow and very pretty.
It’s incredible how dark it is. Dark when you leave for work, even darker when you leave the office.
But the lovely landlord has had some kind of magic done to the radiators, so for once we’re not freezing.

Very bad Blackberry images, although I rather like their blurriness.


The Blue Nile

December 21, 2009

You can't hide your love forever (shamelessly borrowed from

One of the best kept secrets may very well be the wonder of The Blue Nile. One of the best gift I’ve ever been given may very well be the album that introduced me to them. I felt blessed.
A Glasgow band, founded in 1981, when I was nine years old and had no idea.

My two all time favourite bands happen to come from Glasgow, if nothing else it must be something in the water. The other one is Simple Minds, and if you find yourself sneering at that, go listen to them. Preferably something other than the classic “Don’t you forget…” Or better yet go see them live!

The Blue Nile have released only four albums in 20 years, of which the latest came out a terribly long five years ago. But if I could bring only five albums to a deserted island, those four would probably be first on the list. I could never choose amongst them. Even now, 20 and 25 years after being released, the songs from the first two albums still sound amazingly fresh and endlessly precious.The most deceptively simple, timeless, perfect pop songs. Even if pop seems such a vague and illfitting term, they seem to defy the general categorization of music. Bittersweet and absolutely exquisite.
And the voice of Paul Buchanan is without equal. Pure velvet melancholy, no one can break your heart and mend it again, quite like he does, all in a single line.

It may be one of those bands, where you either get them or you don’t, but if you do get them, then you truly are blessed.

But listening to High on a dark winter morning going to work will never be a good idea.

We’ve moved!

December 20, 2009

I decided to start over, over here.
I have no idea why I suddenly couldn’t care less about blogging, but I guess it has just been another case of life happening.
Work has been busy, and interesting, and good, and sometimes not so good. And never something you want to run home and blog about.
And I show off my knitting on Ravelry. The knitting that still does happen occasionally. So why blog?
Except that I’ve suddenly realized that I’ve missed it. Just a bit.

It’s Christmas. And we have snow. Actual, real snow. It makes traffic hell, and the streets are slippery, but it’s oh, so pretty. Not to mention eminently pokable.

Somehow snow always creates a conflict between my inner 5 years old and my outer 30-something. One whooping at the thought of snow, and snow angels, and snow balls, and snow men and catching snow flakes on your tongue. The other thinking about her boots, and the bus, and the office clothes not really allowing for snow angels.

We also have a Christmas tree. I carried it home two weeks ago. Taller than me. Very pretty. The decoration at present still limited to two strings of fairy lights. Fairy lights captured in pretty baubles, but they're still not much in the way of decoration. I'm not sure I'll get much more done to it, though.
I think I'm just slowly easing my way into having the regular trimmings to go with Christmas. In years past I've only been able to manage a couple of potted plants and a string of fairy lights. So having a tree is a huge step forward into something resembling a "real" Christmas. Even if I only got it to amuse the cats. And they have been greatly amused. More than enough to make it worth dragging the thing home.
I don't think Christmas will ever be my favourite time of year, but I'm getting pretty good at it.
And the closer we get to Christmas eve the more I am able to almost feel relieved that I don't have to stress over presents not yet bought or knit. Or sitting through endless lunches. Or traveling to the other side of the country.
But it's still not easy to convince myself, or others, that I'm completely fine with just being myself and the cats on Christmas Eve. Even if it actually is. I can eat what I want, I can wear what I want. I can read and meditate. It's pretty good. But it's not being with my family. And it will never be what I really want it to be.
But I've finally learned to make the best of it.
And the cats have a tree.
And I have my cats. Both of them.

Laurenz had a kidney tumor removed less than two weeks ago. And I was worried and scared, and Vincent was worried and out of his mind searching for him. Velcro Vincent became a fitting name for him.
But I brought Laurenz to the hospital Wednesday morning, and brought him home Friday morning already. And he's fine. And both cats have been as made of velcro since.
We're having his bandages changed for the last time tomorrow. And his scar looks perfect. Like the prettiest little piece of cross stitch ever performed on a cat belly. His fur is growing as the finest fuzz. And he's fine.
And he'll be getting even better.